Woody Harrelson Refuses to Be Canceled for His Anti-Vaccine Stance

When Woody Harrelson hosted “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year, he told a joke that made it pretty clear he wasn’t a fan of the COVID vaccines. So did he get canceled?  Not really.

And even those who tried didn’t do any damage.  Woody says,  “[People] told me it was, shall we say, trending.  No, I don’t look at that [crap].  I feel like, ‘I said it on ‘SNL’.’

And went on to say, “I don’t need to go further with it, other than to say, well, no, I won’t.  Never mind. That’s enough.”

He added, “[It] don’t change my life one bit.  Not one bit, if the mainstream media wants to have a go at you, right?  My life is still wonderful.”