It’s the End of Another Era: No More Clipping Grocery Store Coupons

It’s the end of another era:  The largest grocery chain in America, Kroger, is ditching its weekly newspaper ad circulars, which advertised the latest grocery specials, and provided coupons you could clip.

Now, that the specials will move entirely online, through the stores’ websites and loyalty apps.  Printed versions will still be available AT the store.

A Stanford University study in 2006 found that at least 10% of shoppers chose their store based on each week’s ads, but that was almost 20 YEARS AGO, so that percentage is probably much, much lower now.

This is better for some customers, because digital coupons and app loyalty programs are more convenient than clipping newspapers.  They’re also able to deliver targeted deals, giving people coupons on items they tend to buy.

But this move could shut out older and low-income shoppers who don’t have smartphones or computers.  It’s also bad for newspapers, who will lose even more advertising revenue.