An American Couple Was Caught Smuggling 375 Pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel

Adding an extra checked bag to a flight isn’t cheap.  So just imagine how much these things must be worth on the black market.

A couple from the U.S. flew to Israel last week, and were caught trying to smuggle in 375 pounds of FRUIT ROLL-UPS.  (???)

TikTok is obsessed with a hack where you wrap them around a scoop of ice cream.  So they’re harder to find than usual, especially overseas.

Pretty much all stores in Israel are sold out.  If you do find them, they’re going for $5 each, or more, not per box, that’s per Roll-Up.  A box of 10 here usually costs less than $3.

Customs agents in Israel seized the snacks.  Someone posted a video of multiple suitcases filled with nothing but Fruit Roll-Ups.  The guy told them he didn’t even pack clothes, just so he’d have more room.  (Here’s the video.)

This wasn’t just a one-off though.  Another American couple was caught with over 70 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups the other day.  Israel says they’ve seized more than 660 pounds total recently.


(The Times of Israel / Food & Wine)