Someone Dumped 500 Pounds of Cooked Pasta in the Woods

If I was walking through the woods and saw this, I’d think there had been some sort of glitch in the Matrix.

Someone found 500 pounds of COOKED PASTA next to a river in New Jersey last month.  And no one knows where it came from.

It’s possible a restaurant or caterer had a last-minute cancelation or something.  But that’s still a LOT of pasta, and it wasn’t just one type.  There were piles of spaghetti, macaroni, and penne too.  (Here are the photos.)

It happened in the town of Old Bridge, New Jersey, just outside New York.  It’s making headlines after a woman who recently ran for city council shared the pics.

She criticized the mayor for ignoring the mess.  The city did end up removing the pasta though, and she also saw the humor in it.  She called it “Mission: Im-PASTA-ble”.

She’s not the only one cracking jokes.  Someone online joked that whoever did it should be sent to the “PENNE-tentury.”  And another person joked that a guy named “AL DENTE” may have been involved.


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