An Emu Fell in Love with a Frisbee Golf Goal

You know that friend who’s still single because they always date the WRONG person? Someone’s pet emu escaped from his enclosure near Minneapolis on Thursday after he thought he found his soulmate.

But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, mainly because the other emu he saw was actually a Frisbee Golf Goal.  (???)  One of those basket things with chains hanging down.

The emu’s name is Erasmo.  His owner said he’d been pacing back and forth by his property fence for a few days.

It turned out he thought a neighbor’s frisbee golf goal was another emu.  So he scaled the fence hoping to go mate with it.  But obviously, it didn’t work out.

The good news is Erasmo quickly moved on.  Cops found him in a neighbor’s yard eating apples.  He’s back home now.

(Here’s a photo.)


(StarTribune / UPI)