Now Even Self-Checkouts Are Asking Us to Tip!?

Here’s a hot new term:  “Tipping fatigue” is when you’re sick of constantly being asked to leave a tip in situations where it used to be considered weird.

“The Wall Street Journal” just did a big write-up on how we’re even being asked to leave tips at SELF-CHECKOUTS now.

They talked to a few people who’ve recently encountered the prompts.  Here are two examples . . .

1.  Someone bought a $6 bottle of water at a self-checkout kiosk at the Newark airport, and it asked them if they wanted to leave a 10% or 20% tip.  They said it felt like “emotional blackmail.”

2.  A baseball fan grabbed a beer from a self-service fridge at Petco Park in San Diego, and it asked him to leave a tip.  He said he was confused, because he didn’t know who the money was going to, but he still left a 20% tip.

Both organizations said the money DOES go to employees.  But it just feels weird to leave a tip when you didn’t actually interact with any employees.


(WSJ / Business Insider)