A Woman Jogged Past an Active Shooting, and Didn’t Realize Because Her AirPods Were In

This is pretty nuts.  Did you hear about the woman in Atlanta who jogged past an active shooter scenario, but didn’t realize because her headphones were in?

She posted a video of herself running last Thursday, and giving a thumbs up while sirens wailed in the background.  (Here’s the video.)


the sirens in the back and my blissful unawareness is sending me. But for real this was actually really intense and im so sorry for those injured and everyone impacted 🖤 #atlanta #midtownatlanta #midtownatl #runningtok #runningtiktok #fyp

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That was the same day there was a deadly shooting at a medical facility in Atlanta.  One person was killed and four more were injured.

Her caption said that her AirPods were on “noise-cancelation” mode, so she didn’t realize what was going on until later.  She thinks she ran right past it.

She saw lots of cops and crime scene tape, but didn’t realize what it was for.  Then she saw more cops, finally stopped to check her phone, and found out what was happening.

The gunman was 24-year-old Deion Patterson.  His mom says he has a history of mental health issues.  He’s facing murder charges.