Destination Wedding? Space Weddings Are Coming Next Year

Here’s the most expensive destination wedding you could ever be invited to:  Weddings in SPACE are going to be a thing soon.

A high-altitude balloon company called Space Perspective is doing wedding packages, and plans to start sending people up by the end of next year.

You can launch from land, or from a boat at sea.  The whole thing lasts six hours.  But most of it is just getting up there, and coming back down.

For the first two hours, you slowly ascend to 100,000 feet.  So the “edge” of space, but you won’t actually be weightless.

After that, you get two hours to hang out and get married up there.  Then you slowly return to earth and splash-down in the ocean.

It’ll have to be a small wedding since the capsule only seats eight, plus the pilot.  And it’s not cheap, $125,000 per guest.  So if you book all eight seats, it’s a $1 million wedding.

There’s a refundable deposit of $1,000 per guest to reserve a spot.  But if you want to be the FIRST couple married in space, you’re probably out of luck.  They’ve already had a ton of requests for that.

(Here’s a photo, and here’s what the inside will look like.)


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