Arnold Schwarzenegger Says the “Twins” Sequel Is Dead

It sounds like we can officially give up hope on a “Twins” sequel.

“Triplets” was first announced back in 2012, with Arnold SchwarzeneggerDanny DeVito and their long-lost THIRD brother, played by Eddie Murphy.  Original director Ivan Reitman was set to produce.

Then in 2021, it was announced that Tracy Morgan would be playing the third brother, and Reitman was going to direct.  But Reitman died in 2022, and that apparently killed the movie.

Arnold says, “Jason Reitman [effed] it up!  Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died.  His father wanted to do it really badly.  I wanted to do it really badly.  Danny DeVito wanted to do it really badly.  We had the financing.  When his father passed away, Jason says, ‘I never liked the idea’ and put a hold on it.”

But Arnold says he’s developing ANOTHER movie with Danny.