Five Random Facts for Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  In the 19th century, critics of bicycles labeled them tools of the devil.

2.  The English alphabet used to have six more letters:  Eth, a “ye” sound, thorn, a “th” sound, wynn, another “w” sound, yogh, a “ch” sound, ash, a long vowel sound like “i” in “fine”, and ethel, an “oi” sound.

3.  The North Pole shifts about 34 miles a year.

4.  Legos are a better investment than gold.  Their value has gone up about 11% a year since 1987, which is better than gold, stocks, or bonds.

5.  A&W tried to one-up McDonald’s in the ’80s by selling a third-pound burger, but it flopped, because Americans didn’t realize a third-pound burger was bigger than a Quarter Pounder.


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