New Record for World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream: $6,700 Per Scoop

Can this really be that much better than regular old vanilla?   There’s a new record for world’s most expensive ice cream, $6,696 PER SCOOP.  

A luxury ice cream brand in Japan called Cellato is selling it.  It’s a new flavor they came up with called “Byakuya”.  

The ingredients include edible gold leaf, a fancy parmesan cheese, and rare white truffles grown in Italy that cost $7,000 a pound.

It’s also got something called “sake kasu“, it’s a yeasty paste that’s left over when you make rice wine.  It apparently adds a fruity taste.

They say it took a year-and-a-half to perfect the recipe, and it supposedly tastes great.  They say it’s extremely “rich.”  Yeah, you also have to be rich to afford it.

(Here’s a photo, and here’s a video.)



(Guinness World Records)