The Best Songs of the ’80s, According to “Time Out” Magazine

“Time Out” magazine ranked the 60 best songs of the ’80s, from alternative to pop to hip hop.

Here are the Top 20:

1.  “Purple Rain”,  Prince

2.  “Blue Monday”,  New Order

3.  “Beat It”,  Michael Jackson

4.  “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”,  Whitney Houston

5.  “Straight Outta Compton” NWA

6.  “Fight the Power”,  Public Enemy

7.  “Express Yourself” Madonna

8.  “Cloudbusting”,  Kate Bush

9.  “Modern Love”,  David Bowie

10.  “The Message”,  Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five

11.  “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)”,  Talking Heads

12.  “Close to Me”,  The Cure

13.  “Sexual Healing”,  Marvin Gaye

14.  “Free Fallin'”,  Tom Petty

15.  “Dancing in the Dark”,  Bruce Springsteen

16.  “What’s Love Got to Do with It”,  Tina Turner

17.  “Love Will Tear Us Apart”,  Joy Division

18.  “How Soon Is Now?”,  The Smiths

19.  “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”,  Tears for Fears

20.  “Every Breath You Take”,  The Police


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