Kraft Is Changing the Packaging of Kraft Singles, to Make Them Easier to Open?

What’s your biggest complaint about Kraft Singles?   I mean, other than the flavor?  Is it that you can’t figure out how to open them?  Kraft says the top complaint they get is people struggling to open the clear wrapper of the Kraft Singles.  (???)

So they’re re-designing them to add texture on the flap, so that your fingers can feel where the opening is.  They’re also making the wrappers thicker and sturdier, so they can be opened without tearing.

The new wrappers will be out later this year, along with a new exterior packaging, with a bolder font, and an emphasis on the fact that they’re “made with real dairy.”  That’s true, but they aren’t REAL CHEESE.

Kraft has to call the American Singles a “cheese product” or “cheese food” because they’re less than 51% cheese, which doesn’t meet the FDA’s standard.

But, my question is, when you open the new wrapper, will the dog appear immediately still?


(6 ABC)