A Woman Hid Smelly Food in Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Apartment

This might be the most petty but brilliant way you could get back at someone.  A woman in the U.K. is going viral after she caught her boyfriend cheating, and got back at him by hiding smelly food in his apartment.

There’s a video where she opens up the curtain rods above one of his windows, and stuffs a bunch of SHRIMP in there.  She says his place smelled for months, and he couldn’t figure out why.  (Here’s the video.)


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Her video inspired other people to tell their own revenge stories in the comments.  And some of those are pretty solid too.  Here are a few good ones.

1.  Someone removed a back panel from their ex’s TV, and put crab meat in it.

2.  A woman brushed a guy’s toilet with his toothbrush, and put it back.

3.  You know that liquid that comes in jars of minced garlic?  Someone dumped it in a guy’s shoes.  All of them.

4.  Someone filled a spray bottle with milk, and sprayed it all over the person’s carpet.


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