An Entire Class Snuck into Their Principal’s House and Had a Sleepover for Their Senior Prank

Over-the-top senior pranks have been in the news this week.  Some kids in Maryland put their high school up for sale on Zillow.  And kids in North Carolina filled their school’s toilets with cement. Now another one that happened a few weeks ago is making the rounds.  And this one’s got video.  How would YOUR principal

Do We Need Road Signs Warning Us of “Smartphone Zombies”?

It can be difficult to drive in areas where there are pedestrians, bicyclists, children, and animals.  And it’s even worse when people have their phones out. A lot is made of distracted drivers on their phones, but the city of Mulberry, Florida is putting up dozens of signs warning drivers of “smartphone zombies”, or pedestrians

71% of People Say Food “Tastes Better” in the Summer

There’s a lot to look forward to as summer rolls in:  Sun, spending time outside, barbeques, vacations, and being very aware of how often the people around you are showering. In a new survey, there’s another perk of summer:  Food tasting less bland.  71% of people say certain foods taste better in the summer, particularly