A Couple Used Dirty Diapers to Trick Porch Pirates, But the Thieves Retaliated with Cow Manure

A neighborhood in Austin, Texas has been struggling with porch pirates, so one couple had a creative plan:  They’d fill a box with dirty diapers and leave it on their porch. And it worked, the thieves drove up, grabbed the box, and ran off.  But unfortunately, that did not scare them out of the neighborhood.

Americans Are Willing to Pay Double the Listed Price of Any Item, If It “Lasts Forever”

Let’s be honest, we have all looked for the cheapest possible option of something, and then, months later, when that piece of junk breaks, we say, “they don’t make things like they used to.” In a survey, the average American says they’d pay 108% more than the listed price, or double the cost, if they

The Butter Board Is the Latest Food Trend to Go Viral on TikTok

The food board trend long ago took on a life of its own. We’ve had cheese boards,  charcuterie boards, breakfast boards and dessert boards.  Now, there’s the butter board. The latest craze that’s snaking its way through TikTok and Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing, shareable spreads. And it’s the idea is piquing the curiosity of many — the TikTok hashtag #ButterBoard

A Surprising Number of Us Have Already Bought Halloween Candy

If you’re already stocked up on Halloween candy, you’re playing a dangerous game, my friend.  But according to the National Confectioners Association, close to one in five Americans who plan to buy candy already have, or will by the end of this week. 18% said they usually buy it in September, or earlier, 65% will

Good News: Cuba, Carboard, and a Dracula-Themed Blood Drive

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds. 1.  Cuba just voted to allow same-sex couples to get married and adopt kids.  It was part of a new “family law” code.  67% of people voted yes. 2.  Four sisters from Wisconsin broke a world record for highest combined age of four living siblings, which is

A Starbucks Employee Explains Why You Should Stop “Hack” Orders

There’s a lot of talk on social media about fast food hacks where you can use trickery to get the items you want cheaper.  There was recently one that showed you how to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte for half-price. Well, a Starbucks employee on TikTok is asking you to stop using hacks.  He says that